Monday, March 7, 2011


It is no secret that I am a fan of comics. I've been hooked since I was a kid, but only occasionally dable with the style. However, during one of my lunch breaks, I finished reading a Streets of Gotham and felt compelled to study Dustin Nguyen pencils.

I found this drawing interesting, and a little difficult since it is more simplistic. As with other comic/cartoonish studies, I found myself drawing a line just to erase and start over. Eventually, I just made the line, even if it isn't right and decided to concentrate on something even deeper into the image.

I honed in on the hand, drew it much larger than its original scale, and studied its qualities. Two things I learned with these drawings: I am a perfectionist and must quit fiddling to make a sketch perfect, and I need to draw at a larger scale.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Anatomy is another subject I have been constantly working on. The hope is to work out the form of a person quicker, and more accurately. However, I have had to put off taking Anatomy/Figure drawing until the Fall of 2011, as I have heard the professor dishes out ungodly amounts of work. Next year, being my seventh and final year in my undergrad, I plan to have a much lighter load in terms of coursework. The goal is to have enough time to really dedicate myself to that class.
Below is one of many studies of human forms.

I have a slew of books from my drawing classes that contain figure drawing elements, so I used them in order to get a better idea of the human structure. Coupled with the books, I took pictures of myself, as well as, searched google for images of hands and arms to better understand the mechanics. Looking through all of my sketches, it tells me I need that course next year.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lunchtime sketch

Over the summer I spent whatever free time I had drawing. Usually during my lunch break I would get in to my car (usually to get away from coworkers asking dumb question about my sketches), flip on the radio, and doodle away. I would usually drive to another location in order to get a glimpse of something worth drawing. In the case below, I decided I would just stay in the parking lot and sketch the grass.

The only down side to drawing during lunch is having to go back to work.