Monday, February 28, 2011


Last year, a friend showed me a few illustrations of the late Alex Toth. I, of course, had never heard of him, which infuriated my friend. Later that night, I dugg deep into anything I could find. Toth's work was everywhere, and rightfully so since he is such an unbelievable illustrator. The simple, yet unbelievably clear illustrations are astounding to me. Most particularly, I fawned over a few Conan the Barbarian pieces. Below is my attempt at his work.
I spent most of the time trying to replicate the shape of the arms and hands.  I would draw a line, erase, draw a line, erase, etc. It was clear that is work is so simple, yet so complicated to capture. It took me at least an hour to create this image, which confused me since it should be easy.
I have since come to an understanding that simple is not easy. Simple images can give you all the information needed to articulate form, but shows all the weaknesses of the artist. Complicated images, on the other hand, can mask mistakes and ignorance. Someday, I hope to have a quarter of the talent that Alex Toth had.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Soccer and Art

For some odd reason it surprise people that I am a soccer fan. More over that I follow the English Premier League (CHELSEA FC!!!!!). I find it quite interesting that a lot of the same people who claim soccer is boring, also like to inform others that drawing talent is genetically ingrained into you at birth. Long, boring story short, I steered away from each activity as a child due to many other ill-advised opinions. The idea that someone who is ignorant to a subject matter is blindly spewing their thoughts to others, genuinely anger me beyond belief. It is a shame that I let such word vomit affect me until my later teens.
Bouncing off of that revelation, I have started on another illustration project geared towards Children's Books.The process has, oddly enough, married both my enjoyment for soccer and my love of drawing.

This is actually a compositional drawing that has temporally been placed on the chopping block, but only to be whisked into another direction. I enjoy the idea of drawing what children actually do in order to garner attention to a story. 
More to come

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cow Redux

I don't think it is a secret that I struggle with animals. In this case, this is another attempt at drawing cows. Due to the way the noses extrude from the face I have trouble creating optical depth, which leads to a pig like snout.

These two are a few of the many quick study drawings I made for the nursery rhyme project. They were chosen because they have less pig-like qualities.

Monday, February 21, 2011


This is another nursery rhyme from the Word and Image II assignment. My Humpty Dumpty, as reinterpreted through Lewis Caroll's and John Tenniel's Alice in wonderland, was also done in ink/ink wash. In terms of my other illustrations from this year, I think this is my favorite.

It is conceivable that I will again come back to this and add color some where down the road.

Friday, February 18, 2011

There Was an Old Man and He Had a Calf

For my Word and Image II class we were instructed to create a few images that captures selected nursery rhyme. There Was an Old Man and He Had a Calf.
There was an old man,

And he had a calf,
And that's half;
He took him out of the stall,
And put him on the wall,
And that's all.

I believe that I will be coming back to this one at a later date to change it and possible add color.