Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now for something more comfortable.

The last semester was a killer. My GPA took a deep hit, as well as my confidence in the arts. However, my wife Jennifer pointed out that maybe I should reconsider what my strengths are. She made it clear to me that maybe I should focus on the digital means of Illustration, and come back to wet media later. I feel that I am very good an grasping digital concepts, and I have a lot of experience the Adobe Creative Suite.

So, I then took the advice from a friend(Scott Quick), found the work of an artist who works digitally, and used their work to learn. Most recently I have taken a liking to Daarken's work, and used this knight from his website as a starting point.

From here I did a value study of the breast plate in order to put it into a form that I can understand.

And this is the final study of digital paint, color, and light.

This was much smoother of a process than I have had in the past, which is a bit relieving. I will in fact be spending more time trying to understand how to portray form and light in a digital environment. 

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