Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why a blog?

            In the age of instant gratification it is no wonder why I am so impatient. It has become painfully obvious that art talent isn’t delivered through a push of a button, and it requires time, dedication, and a large bank account. Quoting the cliché Every artist has 10,000 bad drawings to get out of their system”, I am employing this general principle to seek a way of keeping track of my process. Will doing 10,000, 100,000, or even 1 Million drawings magically make my craft and ability better? Maybe, but It could potentially reinforce bad habits. This is where the blog will come in handy. It will give me the opportunity to create more, and organize it in a way to look at my progress. It also allows for the critique from others in the hopes of bettering my work. It doesn’t hurt that I like to talk about myself at great lengths.

            As a starting point to this blog, I am posting a 19X25” ink drawing that I really enjoyed working on from drawing two. This piece was a big achievement for me, not because it is perfect (because its not), but that it was different and difficult. Prior to starting at Washington University for Communication Design, I thought I would be a programmer, which led to Interactive Web design where I learned a lot about digital means of creation (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc). With that being said, I have developed an artistic commit-a-phobia, that causes me trouble when I make a mistake in wet media and attempt to hit cmd+z or Undo as there isn’t such an option. Besides the mistakes I find obvious, I am happy with this piece, which is why it is on my wall in my office.

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